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  Welcome to United Pigeon Association India ...
United Pigeons Association is a centre of one of its kind which caters to the different breeds of Pigeons, essentially there are two major breeds of pigeons in India distinguished as High Flying Pigeons and Low flying pigeons. Cities like Delhi, Banaras, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Rampur, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Tonk, Vadodara Surat, Mumbai and other major cities and villages in India have a large number of pigeon keepers.

Since the medieval (Mughal Period) times and before that as well there is a mention in the history that India has been a home for flying pigeon breeders. Pigeon flying and breeding was taken up as a hobby by the Nawabs in India post the Mughal rule. Presently too pigeons flying and breeding is a hobby in various parts of India. The unique feature of the pigeons in India is that they are extremely beautiful, And breeds like Lal chhapka, Kasni kanak, White Kagdi, Neelam Kaathwa, Jeera and Sabja are exclusively found in India.


Largely there are two basic Pigeons breeder in India
(a) Highflying Pigeon Breeder
(b) Low flying Pigeons breeders.

Majority of them are High flyer Pigeon breeders.

Gerebaaj is very well known High flying pigeon breed, there are sub breeds in this species like Kalsera, Lalsera, Lal Chhapka, Kala Chhapka, Jeera, Haara, Neelam Kathwa, White Kagdi, Kasni Kanak, Bhathiyara, Udaa, Napta, Bajra, Seluna, Masaal. Taamda etc species are very popular breeds in India.There are unique physical features of these pigeons to distinguish them like eye color i.e. white, yellow, black and dark yellow and legs which are pink and Siyaah panja. Two breeds are very popular in India i.e. Banaras in U.P. and second is the Rajasthani breed. A tournament for pigeons is organized in winter in India between November and January every year and in summers too there is a competition for pigeons. During winter the flying competition takes place between 6 to 7 am, and in summer 5 to 6am, approximately 23 pigeons are made to fly and timings for 20 pigeons is officiated. As per the rule if the pigeons return before 12 in the noon then it is disqualified from the competition. There are two expert adjudicators in place for this competition. The record highest time of pigeon flying has been 200 hours. In certain cities the pigeons which fly till late are considered winners.

It aims at strengthening individual and institutional capacity in pigeon conservation and through widespread education and awareness about pigeon.
Roughly there are around 386 different breeds of pigeons in India and the credit for keeping all these breeds alive goes to the pigeon breeding community of India. The motto of the United pigeons association is to provide good network and information, advise and financial support for pigeon breeding and health. The idea is to keep the various species from getting extinct and keep the interests of people’s hobby of flying and breeding pigeons alive. To provide platform and organize events and conferences for all pigeon lovers so that they can interact and learn more about the pigeons and share important information about pigeons.

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